Our Shared Principles

As a collection of individuals, we do not all think the same or have the exact same opinion. Here are some of the shared principles we work to apply in our joint advocacy.

  • We are not a Formal Organization, we are a collection of Concerned Parents and Citizens
    • Everyone advocates
    • When advocating, represent yourself as an individual. If appropriate you can say you support C.A.R.E.’s viewpoint and goals.
  • Committed to Civil Discourse
    • Avoid attacks on ACPS Staff and School Board Members
    • Be Aware of Radical Agendas & Behaviors
  • Remain Apolitical
  • Remember that we are Friends, Neighbors and Fellow Citizens
    • Try to avoid negative “Us vs. Them” thinking
    • Whenever possible, try to be a “boundary spanner”

Boundary Spanner

A “boundary spanner” is an individual or group who seeks to facilitate communication across organizational, societal and topical boundaries working to build trust, empathy and mutual understanding among individuals and groups with different backgrounds, vocabularies and interests.


As our community of friends, neighbors and fellow citizens grow we are reviewing the things we support and affirm. This list is an accepted draft list.