C.A.R.E. Citizen Randy Zackrisson Running for School Board

We need to raise the standards at ACPS!


Dear Fellow Citizens,

We are preparing a post to showcase how poorly ACPS has handled community engagements this summer. Citizens who engaged on important topics were blatantly ignored by both the administration and the school board. 

While CARE is an apolitical group, part of our strategy from the outset was to find someone to run for the school board.  Someone who would stand up for parental rights, common sense approaches, and for policies that put every child in a position to achieve their maximum academic potential.  And we were successful!! 


Randy Zackrisson has stepped up big time.  He is willing to defer his retirement to restore balance on the school board.  He is equipped with a lifetime of professional work that leveraged his logic-based engineering approach to help organizations re-focus on mission objectives, prioritize, and deliver results. 


Areas of need:

  • VOTE: Samuel Miller residents, cast a write-in vote for Randy (details on his webpage)
  • Donate $$: A write in campaign relies on signs and ads to get the word out fast
  • Host a coffee or a wine & cheese event: Invite friends to meet Randy
  • Phone calls: Help Randy spread the word that they have a choice!
  • Door knocking: Help Randy get his message out and hear concerns of others
  • Poll presence: Help citizens remember to write in Randy at the polls (early voting starts Sept 17)
  • Plant a Sign: will you put a sign in your yard, or know someone who will?

How can you get involved?

Visit writeinrandy.com to DONATE and/or to offer whatever help you can.  But first, read the articles written so far, ask him questions via his email, get to know him.  He is an honorable man who has lived and contributed to this community for 40 years. 

How is CARE related to the campaign?

Though CARE citizens support Randy, CARE is not the campaign.  Randy has a PROFESSIONAL campaign staff, including someone who led a successful write in campaign here in Virginia. We can always direct individuals over to the campaign, but we encourage you to sign up directly on his webpage