Parents are Terrorists?

Nicki Athey discusses National School Boards Association (NSBA) intimidation tactics, including labeling parents who speak out at school board meetings as “terrorists” – on the Joe Thomas show.
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The NSBA sent a letter to President Biden requesting that he enlist the full force of the government to protect school boards from parents and citizens, going so far as to call for Patriot Act measures, considering parents and citizens as domestic terrorists.  Read the letter here

The NSBA directly influences Albemarle County Schools, along with those across the country.  In Virginia, the NSBA-affiliated Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) is the group that writes the majority of policies for ACPS.  And one ACPS board member, Katrina Callsen, serves as the regional vice chair of the VSBA.

Editorial comment:
Any threatening behavior toward elected officials is unacceptable.  And there are many laws to handle such threats.  But consider the measures taken by our own ACPS administration and board to limit debate and discussion – as well as the outright misrepresentation of community input.  Letters like the one from the NSBA telegraph not only what may be on the horizon, but what is already happening: intimidating and manipulating parents and citizens into submission and silence.

Please do not sit this election out – each position up for election influences our local education system.  Locally, write in candidate Randy Zackrisson (  is running to stand up for the voices of parents, teachers, and citizens and to make sure that kids have the opportunity to achieve to the best of their potential.