Register a Complaint About What Your Kids Are Reading

Did you know you can file a complaint if you object to any of the resources or books being used in classrooms to teach your child? Please consider filing a CITIZEN’S REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION OF LEARNING
on page 5. Page 1-4 explain the process, which seems lengthy – but don’t let that stop you!

Below is an example of one concerned parent’s letter to Dr. Costa, a completed complaint form and a list of email addresses for each of your ACPS School Board Members.  These are just one parent’s views and thoughts so feel free to modify, use or disregard completely.  

                                                                                                                        June 23, 2021

Dr. Costa,

I am writing to formally file a complaint about the Courageous Conversations curriculum.  I have thoroughly reviewed the materials you are proposing and have many concerns.  Per the current public complaints process created by ACPS (Policy IIAB, Learning Resources Selection and Adoption), I welcome a conference with you to voice my specific concerns, however after attending school board meetings and correspondence with administrators, it appears there currently no appetite for suggestions from concerned parents. 

I am attaching a CITIZEN’S REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION OF LEARNING RESOURCES form and per the complaint process please acknowledge receipt of this complaint and follow the process outlined in the policy. 

I look forward to a swift review and response.


Email Addresses for Dr. Costa (Henley Middle School Principal), Dr. Haas (ACPS Superintendent) and the ACPS Board Members

For your convenience, you can cut and paste the following formatted lists of email addresses.

  • To:,,,,,,,,

What is my Magisterial District?

You can find your Magisterial District on your Voter Registration Card.

Additionally, refer to map of Magisterial Districts for assistance. If you are close to a border between districts, you can use the following links to verify which Magisterial District you belong to: