Send an Email to ACPS School Board

You have a voice – let it be heard! Use this link to write an email to the board members of ACPS. You may want to share your personal experience with Courageous Conversations, or maybe support the idea of pausing the curriculum from being implemented without additional inputs from parents and teachers, or it could be to discuss a book or slide used in teaching the curriculum.

You can contact the entire School Board by email at Don’t forget to include the district in which you reside or the name of your child’s school in the message.

To be sure you reach all members, cc: each individual member at these addresses:

For your convenience, you can cut and paste the following formatted lists of email addresses.

  • To:
  • Cc:,,,,,,,,

At a minimum, we recommend that you email the schoolboard, the superintendent’s office, the school board member who represents your magisterial district, and the at-large representative (Jonno Alcaro).

  • To:
  • Cc:,, (your school board representative)

What is my Magisterial District?

You can find your Magisterial District on your Voter Registration Card.

Additionally, refer to map of Magisterial Districts for assistance. If you are close to a border between districts, you can use the following links to verify which Magisterial District you belong to: